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Dr Mortaza Gholizadeh


Michelle Wearing-Smith


Jayant Sathaye


Graeme Elgie


What We Do

Developing and commercialising a patented technology that produces PyroCha,
a Net-Carbon-Zero fuel source to replace coal/coke in the steel industry

SSP Pyrolysis

Continuous production of our customisable PyroChar

Coal/Coke replacement

We produce different grades of char suitable as net zero replacements to coal & coke in steel & iron making


Sub-licensing of technology to metal producers


A Background Of Innovation

CSIRO’s “Australia Steel Industry CO2 Breakthrough Program” commenced in 2006 as a collaboration between Australia’s two major steelmakers and CSIRO, with the goal of producing green steelmaking technologies for the Australian and Global steel industries.

With a primary focus on the “Application of Biowaste Derived Chars in ironmaking and steelmaking”. The PyroChar® process was developed as a self-sustaining and continuous technology for the direct production of metallurgic grade chars using an advanced method of pyrolysis.

Pyrochar Pty Ltd was established to be the exclusive license technology holder to further develop and scale up the PyroChar® technology & process while deploying the technology within the steel and ironmaking industries.


We use a cutting-edge self-sustaining pyrolysis technology, initially developed by the CSIRO that allows us to produce high-grade char from organic biowaste.

Our process is completely exothermal, meaning it doesn’t require any additional heat or energy to operate, making it highly energy-efficient and cost-effective. By using renewable sources of carbon, such as forestry residue and agricultural waste, we are significantly reducing carbon emissions and helping the metallurgical industry move closer to net-zero emissions.

Our technology is transforming the way steel is produced, making it possible to produce high-quality, sustainable products without the environmental impacts of traditional fossil-fueled methods.

PyroChar Net Zero Products

Our products are designed to replace coal and coke in the metallurgical industry, providing a clean and sustainable alternative to traditional carbon sources. We use renewable sources of carbon to produce our products, ensuring that they have a low carbon footprint and minimal environmental impact. 

Pyrochar produces a range of high-grade char products for use in metal production, & we are constantly in R&D to perfect many more.

Please contact us here for more detailed information, analysis specifications or to organise samples.