Produce Clean Char at Suitable Cost

Pyrochar aims to become the first commercial technology to produce clean char at a suitable cost to replace coal and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). This would be a significant step towards the global use of renewable carbon in metal production.

Traditional char production processes can have devastating environmental impacts such as deforestation and forest degradation. The present methods of producing char can lead to large carbon emissions, and producing char using what pyrolysis technology is currently available can be costly and is often limited in scale.

Through Pyrochar’s pyrolysis technology, we can produce high-grade char and replace coke in the metallurgical extraction industry by using dry plant matter in our input streams. Our pyrolysis technology is also autothermal, meaning it does not require any additional heat as it’s heated purely by the pyrolysis reactions. Therefore, the charcoal produced is essentially carbon neutral and also generates valuable by-products like organic liquids and simple organic gases.

Our clean char is a viable and environmentally-friendly agent that can be made to meet the needs of iron, steel, silicon, and activated carbon production.